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mage background removal is a technique that is applied to remove unwanted background from images,so to isolate the main element in the picture and present it as is.It is essential for marketing purposes as presenting a product in an image without distractions can lead to a better conversion rate in sales.
It is also a very useful way for those who create art with photos as they can get the isolated element and manipulate it according to their needs.For example you need to create a website header for your site and you have an item included in a photo that you would like to add it in your header. You just can isolate the item by removing the background and then copy & paste the item in your header, applying as well more effects on the particular item like dropping shadow and many more effects. Another case you will need to remove background from an image, is when you want to create a collage of photos so you can isolate the element you want and add it in the collage as a new layer and get the result you are looking for in the new image.

There are several ways and tools that can be used for the desired result.All the serious photo editing software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Gimp and more provide this feature.

In our internet era,where there are a lot of pictures who are used in websites,product listings,and need to be manipulated, there is a big need of this function. If you are selling stuff in ebay or Amazon,then you definitely will need to remove the background from your products images as these sites are not allowing row images directly from your camera.As well,isolating your product in your listing image you will be able to provide the visitor of your listing with accurate view of the product.Searches and statistics have shown that keeping product images without distractions convert more viewers to buyers!So image background removal is not just an editing technique,but more importantly is also a result that can help present your business more effectively.

Image Background Removal Techniques

Even that background removal can be achieved by several photo editing software,is not always easy to get the desired result. Particularly in photos with complex backgrounds,gradients and light colors, there are more chances that to get the desired result you will need further knowledge of the software and the required techniques.

Removing the background from an image is easier and less time consuming,and less techniques are required when backgrounds are in contrasting color to the foreground object. So I think this is a good tip to apply if you are taking photos of elements and objects that you want to manipulate on your software later.If for example you are an ebay/amazon seller and you are taking photos of products that you want to create listings for,then is always preferred to find the right contrasting color of the background, beforehand. This will make your life easier! – Professional Background Removal Service Online

Professional software like Photoshop cost a lot of money and in most cases is easier and more cost effective to get a pro to provide the result.If you are not a photo editor your self and you don`t have the knowledge and the tools to remove the background of your images you have a nice opportunity to test our image background removal online service for free!

Here in we provide professional background removal service online for your images 24/7,with guaranteed result! If you are an eBay or an Amazon seller,or you are a website owner that needs distraction free images and images with isolated and focused on products, you will be absolutely satisfied with the result we will turn back to you from your images!

Our 72 professional editors team,experts in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator,are experts to provide down to pixel background removal service,letting isolated only the desired element in the image.

And our adjustable per case prices make our service unbeatable ,as we like to provide adjustable options for our customers that perhaps need more complicated work to be done.

Here are our basic charges :

Type of images that we support are: .jpg ,.png, .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .bmp

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